Sommes colorés, est une façon différente de voir la chose depuis 2002 lors de son lancement. Nous avons aussi une façon différente de dire la chose. 18 ans après nous sommes colorés dans l'Ombre des 12H71 de la Géographie Cybernétique
Lobbying Activities Favouring the Russian Federation by Gabriel Dupont

Lobbying Activities Favouring the Russian Federation by Gabriel Dupont  Continuing the topic of the unreliability of information in the declaration of the European deputy from France T. Mariani, regarding flights to the Russian Federation and Crimea. T. Mariani actively hides his financial ties with the Russian Federation and denies that any third-party commercial structures have financed his participation in events in favor of the Russian Federation (particularly visits to Crimea). According to our information, T. Mariani receives funds for…

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