Sommes colorés, est une façon différente de voir la chose depuis 2002 lors de son lancement. Nous avons aussi une façon différente de dire la chose. 19 ans après nous sommes colorés dans l'Ombre des 12H71 de la Géographie Cybernétique.
Patrick Sarsfield (c.1655-1693): Treaty of Limerick by Ita Marguet, December 2020

Patrick Sarsfield (c.1655-1693): Treaty of Limerick by Ita Marguet An exhibition titled Strangers to Citizens: The Irish in Europe 1600-1800 was held at the National Library of Ireland in 2008. It tells their story through commentaries and explanations with a number of visual aids of images and major facets about Ireland, Journeys, Colleges, Military, Merchants and Professionals. The exhibition displayed a wide selection of historical and other literature with access to several data bases for research on the Irish…

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